Here’s what others have said

“I signed up for the Writing for Wellbeing workshop hoping for encouragement and inspiration. I received both. Judi’s manner is welcoming and you feel safe in her leading of the group. She is full of ideas and though I can get anxious about sharing what I’ve written, I did so, happily and voluntarily by the end of the workshop. The techniques used were inspiring and re-ignited my enjoyment of just writing for pleasure, they also brought some topics dear to my heart to the surface, which I will explore more fully now. She provided plenty of ideas to take forward and experiment with and the whole experience was just delightful – the 2 hours went by in what felt like 30 minutes!”
Workshop attendee, Creative Writing for Wellbeing (online workshop), August 2020

“Within two hours I went from feeling totally intimidated about writing creatively, to learning to just flow.  I was at the beginning of a journey, learning to express myself, not in a contrived way, and in corporate speak, and find me inside and my inner voice, and let it out for once!”
Workshop attendee, Creative Writing for Wellbeing (online workshop), August 2020

“The workshop revitalised my passion for nursing. I felt inspired and motivated by the workshop and the contributions everyone made. It fostered a feeling of compassion and warmth towards my colleagues. It would be great if every nurse could have the same opportunity. What an impact that could have on patient care!”
Sarah DodsworthOperations Manager, Royal College of Nursing 

“I heartily recommend Judi as a writing coach and tutor. Since beginning working with her my confidence and style have grown to the point where I can say ‘I am a writer’. When I began I had no clear intention, simply a drive to explore what writing could be. Judi’s approach is warm, friendly, clear and encouraging. She provides a safe, comfortable and motivating environment by offering honest constructive feedback. Her guidance helped me to see what works well for both me and the reader. I was able to recognise and develop the style that best suits me and the telling of my story. I learned skills such as how to show rather than tell and how to write an enticing opening paragraph. Working with a group led by Judi brought confidence, understanding and fun. Judi is skilled at sharing her knowledge by facilitating inspiring exercises. She keeps a group of varied writers on track and motivated to write and share. Our weekly meetings held together so well by Judi gave me the impetus to get on with my writing.

“Judi has enabled me to believe:  I am a successful writer. I am a successful writer with a style that I know and trust to be mine. I am a successful writer with the skills needed to write in a way that is interesting, appealing and worthy of sharing with others.”
Ness Churn, Counsellor/Tutor

“Judi Sissons’ workshops have opened avenues of creativity I never realised I had. I now have the appropriate tools to break writing ‘blocks’ and enhance the creative flow as well as useful ideas on crafting my work, editing and structure. The whole experience has encouraged me to write my memoirs as well as poetry, in a supportive and safe environment and consider myself a professional writer.  Thank you Judi!'”
Sue Lake, Visiting Lecturer Department of Linguistics, University of Bedfordshire and ex BBC World Service Producer and Presenter

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your inspirational teaching which has freed me to have a go. You have given me the focus and courage I needed to write for myself for the first time in my life and I LOVE it. Being part of a group means that we learn from each other, but your comments are particularly pertinent and always encouraging. How we have all flourished under your guidance: thank you, Judi.”
Angela Reid

“With so many thanks for running ‘Write Your Self’ – I’ve enjoyed every single minute – even when I’ve cried. It’s been inspirational, full of learning, so creative and always compassionate”.
Yvana Reeves

“Being part of this writing group has provided not only constructive, actionable feedback from a trusted support group but has also helped me find a more creative me through the process of free writing.”
Steve Pollock, Leadership Coach

“I booked some Writing Coaching sessions with Judi at a time I was feeling blocked and overwhelmed with health and domestic issues. She meticulously and patiently helped me unwind the knots and tangles suffocating my work, so that I could work out a strategy for a more creative life. Judi is a warm, empathetic Coach, who, while understanding a difficulty, can also remain objective. She helped me to focus on articulating precisely the real problems, and gently guided me to find for myself the best ways to resolve them. I would recommend her to any struggling writer.”
Linda Redshaw, Writer

“My love of words had previously found expression via the likes of Scrabble and obsessing about the etymology of words. A few sessions with Judi Sissons, The Writing Space, helped to unleash a more creative flow, which has come as a delightful surprise to me. Thank you, Judi!”  
Fiona Keating, Brighton, December 2019