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Writing the Stories of When Women Gather…

Edwardian women look over a parapet
‘Waiting for the Boat’                                  Source: The Women’s Library, London School of Economics

Day Creative Writing Workshop, Conway Hall Library, London

26 January 2019, 11.00 am – 4 pm,

This day workshop was part of a series of public events curated for the Conway Hall by photographer Grace Gelder.  The talks, workshops and performances – open to all – provided a collective space for everyone to unravel what happens when women gather….

We used creative and expressive exercises to write from memory, imagination and in response to the images and themes in Grace’s photos. Stories of Work, Ritual, Family, Friendship, Performance and Activism were explored .

Levels: All including beginners

Some comments about thing people enjoyed most:

Time to write in a disciplined way within a supportive group.

Loved the pace of the day. Felt so easy, comfortable and Judi’s facilitation keeps creativity flowing so easily.

I enjoyed every single moment of it: the timed exercises, the support given, the approach. I never felt uncomfortable despite being new to creative writing.

I want to do it again. I had fun and learnt a lot in a friendly atmosphere.

Stimulating exercises, good size of group, excellent location and supportive handouts.

Would love to attend another workshop.

Our workshops

The Writing Space works in a flexible way to deliver the best possible experience for you or your group. Whether you want to write for publication, personal development or both, The Writing Space offers one-off workshops, ongoing courses and tailored group sessions.

We enjoy collaborating with professionals from other disciplines (such as science, the environment and architecture), with the aim of delivering workshops that merge different worlds and ways of thinking.

Our workshops focus on practical and enjoyable writing exercises, feedback and discussion in a friendly group. Exercises are designed to facilitate creative flow and encourage participants to explore imagination and emotions in a safe, non-judgemental setting. They are suitable for both beginners and more experienced writers.

Expressive, reflective and creative writing is also used to enhance coaching as a way of thinking on the page to explore and clarify thoughts and feelings.

A writing group can offer an effective method of supervision and reflective practice. Where participants are sometimes reluctant to open up in a group setting, fearing exposure and repercussions arising from revealing too much, sharing writing is always optional. The writing process can help to develop self-awareness, empathy and resilience.


Specialised Workshops


WORKSHOP: Writing for health and wellbeing

The Writing Space has experience of working with front line staff in health and social care settings, the voluntary sector and religious/spiritual groups. We offer courses and workshops for professionals working in caring professions who would like to learn how to use creative writing to support staff, clients or patients.

Topics include:

  • Uses of creative and reflective writing in counselling and personal development
  • Techniques and exercises including ways into writing for beginners
  • How to structure and facilitate a successful writing group
  • The writing process – transforming personal trauma and painful memories
  • Managing the writing group, self care, self disclosure, boundaries and group norms
  • Please contact us to enquire about bespoke training for your organisation.


WORKSHOP: Writing for Resilience

Creative writing and reading in a well-managed group, facilitated by skilled practitioners has been shown to support personal growth and foster compassion towards self and others in a number of ways.

  • Enhances the capacity for reflection and self-awareness.
  • Reduces stress and burnout.
  • Brings attention to the spiritual aspect of participants’ work, connecting them with their own humanity.
  • Develops the ability to listen deeply – to oneself and others through sharing and feedback – this critical skill is then carried into relationships at work and in the wider community.
  • Sharing one’s writing involves accepting vulnerability and self-disclosure. Listening to others’ writing is an exercise in mindfulness and presence.
  • Seeing and appreciating another person’s point of view. For example, by writing a scenario from different points of view we get to experience and understand another’s feelings.
  • Deeper engagement than talking in a group where the conversation often goes round in circles or dries up completely.
  • By writing about an issue, fictionalising it, participants are able to approach the issue obliquely – even anonymously – through stories or poems.


WORKSHOPS: The Secret World of Objects

‘… the world itself is full of the presence of sacred things, ordinary things, and regardless of the processes of shaping they have been through, the soul of the world can be apprehended through them, if we but stop and pay attention.’ Robert Sardello

A series of three workshops writing from objects

Workshop 1 – Bringing objects to life                                   

Using the senses to engage with objects through writing

Workshop 2 – Lost and found

Remembered and forgotten things

Workshop 3 – Sacred objects

Exploring objects of cultural or personal significance.

These workshops focus on writing from objects using enjoyable exercises to promote creativity and support personal development. Using objects as a starting point, we explore a number of writing approaches to develop stories, poems and memoir. You don’t need any previous experience of creative writing. Workshops usually run for 3 hours, including a break.


WORKSHOP: Write Your Self

An experiential course covering various forms of life writing, using a range of techniques for exploring personal subject matter. Open to writers of all levels seeking ways of using autobiographical material in their work, and to anyone interested in finding new and creative approaches to encourage self understanding. Whether you want to write a memoir or explore your personal journey through creative writing, this course encourages and supports you through the process. We approach the writing in a spirit of adventure, within a safe, supportive group. A certificate of attendance for CPD is available.

Part 1 explores several methods of writing and ways of accessing and transforming memories, thoughts and feelings. Enjoyable exercises, designed to capture unconscious imagery and recover spontaneity, develop your natural ability and increase confidence. There is opportunity to discuss ways of using writing for personal development in therapeutic settings and other contexts, whilst exploring the relationship between ‘writing as therapy’ and ‘writing as art’.

Part 2 offers the opportunity for writers to work on a longer piece of memoir, biography or creative life writing. The course aims to develop craft and technique through guided writing exercises and group workshops to support the writing process with a focus on individual projects.

Part 3 supports writers working on individual projects. We explore chosen topics, focusing on elements of writing craft and technique with varied writing exercises and workshop sessions to review longer pieces of writing. The course helps you develop the ability to critique your own work, become more independent as a writer and work to your own deadlines.

Can also be delivered as stand alone workshops.


To book a course or find out more, please get in touch.