Welcome to The Writing Space

We invite you to make space for writing and reflection – to explore your stories and your unique way of telling them.

The Writing Space is a creative space offering online workshops and bespoke events for groups and individuals in a range of organisations, often in unique settings to inspire and uplift.

The Writing Space is a connecting space where people come together to share experience, get creative and build resilience.

The Writing Space is an internal space to reflect and explore memories, hopes and dreams, using writing for wellbeing.


Words from a Distance

The Words from a Distance workshops focused on writing for wellbeing, offering women a chance to gather online, record their experiences, process thoughts and feelings in the company of others. Although we were going nowhere, we travelled great distances together, sharing inner and outer journeys.

This book, Words from a Distance, co-edited by Judi Sissons and Amina Alyal, is a distillation of that unforgettable time.

To find out more about our current workshops click here.

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