Welcome to The Writing Space

We invite you to make space for writing and reflection – to explore your stories and your unique way of telling them.

The Writing Space is a creative space offering bespoke workshops and themed events for groups and individuals in a range of organisations, often in unique settings to inspire and uplift.

The Writing Space is a connecting space where people come together to share experience, get creative and build resilience.

The Writing Space is an internal space to reflect and explore memories, hopes and dreams, using writing for wellbeing.

‘Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.’  Sigmund Freud

Coronavirus update from Judi Sissons

Sadly I have had to cancel all Writing Space face-to-face events.  Instead, I am offering workshops, and courses on Zoom, and continue to provide my Coaching Space services via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or phone.

So whether you are struggling stay focused on writing, or need help in navigating your way through a difficult time of great uncertainty, I am here to help.

Maybe you are feeling inspired to write for the first time?  We are living through an extraordinary event in history. Writing has never been more important. If you are seeking ways to record your experiences, process thoughts and feelings, or simply to escape them for a while, why not join one of our virtual Writing Spaces?

In the Virtual Writing and Coaching Spaces we are continuing to offer every opportunity for you to find support and connection. If you are feeling isolated please get in touch and I can help you find new ways flourish during the current crisis,

Wishing you all good health,

Judi Sissons